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Welcome to the Dutch Acrobats

We are a small group of experienced Dutch entertainers. Since 1999 our eye catching acrobats create moving performances in traditional Dutch costumes. Our Amsterdam-based company is headed by Mr. Marco van Zanten.  

Worldwide, our physical humour and universal story line deliver easy and pleasant access to “the best of Dutch folklore“. We are specialized in playful interactivity that invites people to join in and participate.

For 2019, the year of Rembrandt 350, we have a new performance about the famous painting “de Nachtwacht” (night watch).

Openings & receptions

Need extra dimensions for your openings and receptions? Ask for the Dutch Giants.

Exhibitions & shows

We host a variety of exhibitions and shows in both Dutch  and None-Dutch themes. see also below:

Animation & interactivity

Creating an engaging and interactive experience. Join the clogdance.

    Themes from Holland   

Meet the Dutch

Shake hands with the Dutch Giants or join in with our Acrobatic Clogdansers

See the Dutch

Captivating acrobatics combined with physical humour and ‘the best’ of Dutch folklore

Grand Masters of painting

Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh represented with speed dating and speed painting.

Country of Bikes

Our Cycling Circus tells tricky stories of life and love on, under and around a variety of bikes.


(out of the Dutch box)

Cirque Colorique

If it just has to be cheerfull and colourful. And yes…with live music.

Acrobatic Christmas

Father Christmas spreads Christmas cheer with his  frivolous Christmas Lady.

“Their performance is ideal for Dutch events in which the difference in language forms a barrier. We highly recommend them.” referentie

Lot van Schaik, 2002

Head of Cultural affairs, Dutch Embassy Beijing (CN)

As acrobatic as it was humorous, farmer Driekus and his wife Bertha entertained in the best tradition of the genre.

Harare Int. Festival of the Arts, 2009

Zimbabwe (ZW)

“We highly recommend the Dutch Acrobats (Circus Klomp) for events in the Netherlands or far abroad”. Created PDF

Ria Hennink, 2010

Cultureel Attaché, Dutch Embassy Bern (CH)

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