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The skits and walk-acts from the Dutch Acrobats are characterised by their friendly atmosphere. But take care, because we love to bring people into happy confusion!

Dutch Giants; a rural couple on stilts
Dutch folk costumes in super size. But even the smallest people in town are welcome to shake their hands.  You will be introduced to the Dutch ritual of greetings and probably you are kindly asked to help out with the situations that these Dutch Giants constantly create.


Acrobatic Clogdance; a rural couple on acrobatic tour
Smartly dressed for a day on the town, this rural couple has a good laugh about many funny aspects of life. Audience-members are welcome to join in a clogdance, a folksy conversation, or an acrobatic demonstration.


Grand Masters of painting; (Rembrandt’s Nightwatch on stilts)
The re-birth of the Grand Masters of painting; they were born in the 17th century but are still the greatest. In a matter of moments, strangers in the crowd are brought together and modelled into theatrical poses for a flash portrait. Speed dating and speed painting all rolled into one entertaining experience.


Workshop Dutch Acrobatics
Challenging workskops on all levels in which we build balancing human structures. These activities are bases on collaboration, physical balance and mutual trust. For teambuilding, for technical acrobatic schooling or just for a funny and unexpected experience. We have qualified teachers who graduated from the pedagogic circus school in Brussels, Belgium.

Dutch Acrobats at EXPO 2017

#FutureEnergy Самые яркие моменты Национального Дня – приезд голландских акробатов, которые в течение дня развлекали посетителей выставки. Смотрите, как это было. #NLExpo2017 The brightest episodes of the national day of the Netherlands at EXPO. Acrobats from the Netherlands entertained the visitors of the exhibition all day long. See our video. #LowLandHighEnergy Күні бойы көрме қонақтарын тамсандырған голландиялық акробаттардың өнері Ұлттық күннің ең жарқын оқиғасына айналды. Қалай өткенін көру үшін мына бейнені қараңыз.

Slået op af Embassy of the Netherlands in Kazakhstan i Fredag den 30. juni 2017