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schilders bij nachtwacht

kusje nachtwacht


Grand Masters of painting

Walk acts on stilts about the re-birth of the Grand Masters of painting. 

They were born in the 17th century but are still the greatest. In a matter of moments, strangers in the crowd are brought together and modelled into theatrical poses for a flash portrait. Speed dating and speed painting all rolled into one entertaining experience

Available themes: Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Vermeer

melkmeisje schildert

melkmeisje in melkmeisje


kindje op nek

  • get your flash portraits for FREE
  • get preserved for eternity
  • family portraits with unknown partners
  • all drawings might get valuable after a century

Rembrandt theme

The two elegant main characters from the Nightwatch left their nocturnal painting to keep a better eye on your sunny composition and your light to create what they call great resemblance in your flash portrait

Van Gogh theme

Powerful lines with sometimes surprising subtiliy. This farmer and his huge and charming wife keep their portraits clear and organic


Vermeer theme

Long lovely ladies poring perfect portraits

huge helping hands for saving your wonderful image for eternity